May  2024 22
Meanings, Challenges, and Recommendations for the Implementation of “Total Hakka Immersion Preschools”
作者 陳雅鈴、吳宣蓓
Author Ya-ling Chen and Hsuan-pei Wu
關鍵詞 全客語幼兒園、客語沉浸教學、本土語保存、客語教學
Keywords Total Hakka Immersion, Total Immersion Teaching, Native Language Preservation, Hakka Language Teaching
摘要 本研究主要目的在探究「全客語幼兒園」之意涵、挑戰及實施建議。本研究採質性研究的焦點訪談方法進行研究資料的收集。訪談對象包括:幼兒園管理階級、教學人員、行政官員及本土語保存專家,資料採用質性方式進行分析。研究結果釐清全客語的意涵應不僅是在客語的使用量,更應強調全客語的意涵應包括家庭、學校和社區全方位的推廣,以及培養幼兒對客語正向價值、態度和認同等全方位的素養。推動全客語幼兒園面臨的挑戰包括欠缺推動熱忱、欠缺師資及行政工作壓力。推動全客語幼兒園的建議包括:以里程碑的概念推行、高熱忱的領導者帶動社區參與、以及從職前到在職培育解決師資問題。
Abstract The main purpose of this study was to explore the meaning and suggestions for implementation of “total Hakka immersion preschools” as well as the associated challenges. This study adopted a qualitative approach, using focus group interviews for data collection. The interviewees comprised preschool managers, teaching staff, administrative officials, and heritage language preservation experts. The data were analyzed using qualitative methods. The results clarify the meaning of total Hakka immersion as not only an emphasis on the usage of Hakka language but also its comprehensive promotion in families, schools, and communities, as well as the cultivation of positive values, attitudes, and a sense of identification towards Hakka language among children. The challenges faced in promoting total Hakka immersion preschools include a lack of enthusiasm, shortage of teachers, and administrative work pressure. Suggestions for promoting total Hakka immersion preschools include implementing the concept of milestones, having highly enthusiastic leaders to drive community participation, and addressing teacher shortages through preservice and in-service training.


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